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Guide to Shopping with Great Find Collectibles

The Great Find Users Guide

At Great Find Collectibles, we work hard to bring you a wide selection of collectibles at the most competitive prices. We take pride in our used selection of products, and have developed this simple “Condition Guide” to better help you navigate our awesome used selection.

Video Game Condition Guide

Our video games are always tested and guaranteed to work. We rate our Video Games from Fair-Excellent Condition. You'll always find our condition description in the same format:

Used or New: [Item Condition Fair/Good/Great/Excellent]; [condition notes]

For Example:
Video Game conditions at Great Find Collectibles

Search video games by condition @ Great Find Collectibles
When you select the desired condition, you'll notice the default image on the item page will change to a photo of the item you selected. By selecting the items condition on the right, Great Find Collectibles automatically picks the matching photo to display. We have duplicates of Video Games in varied conditions in-stock, so be sure to explore the condition drop down to fit your needs.

Yes! That IS a photo of the EXACT item we will be shipping to you!* If you require more detailed descriptions than we have available by default, shoot us an email and we'll get back to you within 2 business days.

*PLEASE NOTE: Occasionally you will notice items included in a listing (such as manual, fold-out-posters, or manufacturer inserts) that are not seen in the item picture. Often times, this is simply because the size of the items made it difficult for us to include everything in a detailed photo.


Fair Condition items have suffered significant visible cosmetic damage, yet the item is still functional and/or priced accordingly. Fair condition items are always in working condition (video games & toys). Please be sure to always read the accompanying description notes to any item listed in “Fair Condition.”


Items listed in Good Condition have some visible shelf/age wear, but are otherwise in good working condition. Small dings accumulated through normal product distribution or storage may be found on these items. Price stickers from original retailers may be present alongside any normal shelf wear one would expect to find from such an item. Please be sure to read the accompanying condition notes to each item.


Items described as Great Condition may have slight transport/shelf wear, but are otherwise considered to be in excellent condition. You won’t find the slight dings and dents you’ll find on some Good condition items. You also won’t find any stickers, markings, or other cosmetic changes to the item. Please be sure to read each item description, as items listed in Great condition will sometimes have minor shelf wear or scratches. Immaculate items are reserved for our Excellent Condition category.

These items are either sealed (with no visible damage), or used items in “mint” or “like new” state. There will be no visible cosmetic damage to these items what-so-ever. All items are thoroughly checked before being put into any category, but especially this one. These items have zero defects, but more information can be found about each item in the item description.

All of our used video game Manuals/Inserts are in Good to Great Condition. If more damage is present, you WILL see a photo of the manual, with a detailed description of the damages in the listing. For instance, you'll always see a photo of an NES manual in the listing as they are older and show more damage. However, you may not find some paper PS4 or PS3 inserts in the listing photo. Regardless manuals/inserts will always be included in the product description.

If you require photos of a manual, fold-out-poster, or other promotional insert we couldn't fit in our standard photo, just email Sales[at] with your request!

Toy/Collectible/Merchandise Guide

Our Toys and collectibles follow the same general grading system as our Video Games (above, Fair-Excellent/New). The majority of our collectibles are still in their original packaging. If for some reason the item is loose, that will be indicated on the listing.

As most of our Toys are new, we don't offer pictures of individual items on our Toy listings. You will however find a description of the items packaging under the "Item Description" section of the listing. You'll notice the Item Description still follows the condition format you find on our Video Game drop down menu.

Used or New: [Item Packaging Condition Fair/Good/Great/Excellent(New)]; [condition notes]

If you'd like photos of a specific Toy, Statue, Action Figure, Clothing, etc. email Sales [at]

Comic Condition Guide

Our comics are graded based on the basic comic book grading scaleIn general, you'll find all of our comics are VF+. If a comic book is in any condition other than VF+ the damages will be outlined in the products description.

NM | Near Mint
VF+ | Very Fine 
VF | Very Fine
FN | Fine
VG | Very Good
GD | Good
FR | Fair
PR | Poor

Always remember our Great Find Guarantee! If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase send it back to us within 30 days of receiving for a complete refund. 

If you have any question/concerns or you would like more info on a specific item, simply email Sales[at] and we will provide you information on the item of your choosing.